Pat Fitzpatrick


Pat Fitzpatrick, better known through his online persona “Reggie, Blackrock Road”, has been chosen as Cork Person of the Month.

Pat has built a huge online presence over the last 18 month as Reggie, Blackrock Road, with humorous takes on life in Cork and mocking anyone who isn’t part of his exclusive gang of millionaires.

He is also the man behind the woman that is “Ask Audrey”, a spoof agony-aunt column that appears in the Irish Examiner every Friday.

As well as his journalistic work he has also authored some bestselling books, including “101 Reasons Why Cork is Better than Dublin”, “101 Reasons Why Ireland is Better than England” and a parenting book “No Sex, No Sleep”.  He supplies a parenting column every week in the Examiner too, as well as a TV review column.  Many will know him as a regular on the RTÉ Today Show with Daithí and Maura, giving his views on entertainment and current affairs.

“By his own admission Pat Fitzpatrick has built his reputation and audience by telling Cork people they’re better than everyone else, and that’s never a bad idea”, agreed award organiser, Manus O’Callaghan.

Pat, who grew up in Kinsale, will now go forward with the other Persons of Month chosen this year, for possible selection as Cork Person of the Year.